Approval workflows for your critical resources

Automate access to enterprise critical resources

Use an automatic process to ask for approval and execute requests, and avoid granting any privileged access right to your users.

Privival features

Zero trust

No privileged access is granted to any of your users at any time

Efficient workflow

From approval to result, all the workflow is automated

Easy form
Easy and intuitive

The requester just need to fill a quick form and the approver will receive a notification

Use cases

Prevent unaudited data access or data edits

Keeping business assets safe is critical for an organization. Users have to request access to those resources and wait for someone else to audit and approve the request.

Thanks to Privival, all data access requests are logged, audited and approved using a simple web user interface. If the user tries to access data that he does not really need or he is not allowed to access, the request can be easily denied and the data will continue to be protected from unneeded access.

Cloud deployments

Application deployments to cloud have to be performed after strict controls by the Quality Assurance (QA) department and Product Managers, to make sure that the product requirements are met and tests have been performed, in order to avoid any unwanted issue when clients start using the application.

Developers can use Privival to request application deployments and start an approval workflow where QA and Product Managers will audit the changes and then approve the deployment, which will automatically be done once all the approvals have been received.

Control social media publications

Nowadays an organization's reputation is highly dependent on social media. What, when and how is the content shared will contribute to create a public image of the company. So it is important to establish workflows that ensure proper auditing and approval of publications.

When content is created, Privival starts a workflow approval notifying all the appropriate users that need to review the publication and publishing it only when everything is confirmed to be fine. This way, you can prevent posting damaging or erroneous data about the organization and ensure that only highly quality and valuable content is shared in your social media.

Approve purchase orders and invoices

When people in the organization need to order an item or approve an invoice, it is necessary to properly audit those transactions and confirm they have all the details (including requester description) to be able to approve them.

Privival allows users to make a request for a payment stating the reasons for that expense, and one or more approvers will receive a notification with all the information about the transaction. Once approved by the account auditors, the payment will automatically be executed.