Manage application permissions of your organization users

How can permeasyon help me?

Permeasyon reduces the time needed to set up permissions to new users and allows managers to really know and manage the permissions assigned to their employees

Risk mitigation

Mitigate risk
Permissions are always known and managed by the manager

Save time

No more waste of time
No need to be asking and waiting for permissions, the manager can immediately solve it!


Increase your productivity
Users are ready to go from the beginning

All in one tool

Easier than ever!
All the application permissions are managed from the same tool

How does permeasyon work?
No administrators

No administrators
Each manager directly assigns the permissions needed for his employees

Group hierarchy

Group hierarchy
Users are grouped in a hierarchy depending on their roles

Permissions to groups

No permissions for individual users
Permissions are assigned to user groups from the hierarchy by their manager

Add user to group

Easy user setup
The user just need to be added to the group by his manager and will receive all the permissions

permeasyon in 3 minutes
GitLab integration with permeasyon