Access Management made easy

Streamline your Access Management and Governance processes

  • Full user access lifecycle management: provisioning, relocation and deprovisioning
  • Easy and self-service role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Fine-grained permissions: access to individual resources in applications
  • Hierarchical delegation without duplication of access rights
  • Access recertification: ensure that access needs are up to date
  • Least-privilege approach: only grant access to what users need
  • Monitoring: control over user access rights at any time
  • Audit log: detect accidental or malicious changes in users and permissions
Permeasyon overview screenshot

Use cases

Easy user onboarding: don't waste time

Employees come and go. Depending on your company sector and size, you may be hiring new employees very often. And every time a new employee starts in your company, he needs to have access to different applications. Different people will need to be contacted to authorize and assign all the permissions, which may take several days with the consequent loss of working time. However, Permeasyon solves this task within minutes.

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Relocating users: make your organization agile

The needs of a company vary over time: new projects that start and others that finish, but also projects that move to maintenance needing less human resources and, more critical, projects requiring higher resources for some time to meet deadlines or client requirements. These situations mean an urgent need to relocate current employees, adding or removing permissions to those users to accomplish with important milestones. How can you correctly relocate the users in a timely and efficient way when needed? Permeasyon is the perfect tool to help you achieve this task.

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Efficient and secure deprovisioning

If setting up new employees as soon as possible is important, properly managing the permissions of employees leaving the company is just as critical. Keeping permissions granted for users that no longer exists due to poor deprovisioning processes is a common problem. These orphan accounts are an open door to fraud and unauthorized access to the system, representing a significant risk for the company. Permeasyon reduces this risk, simplifying the deprovisioning process.

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How does Permeasyon work?

No administrators
No administrators

Each team leader directly assigns the permissions needed for his team members

Group hierarchy
Role hierarchy

Users are grouped in a hierarchy depending on the work they perform

Permissions delegated
Delegated permissions

Permissions are delegated to children roles within the hierarchy

Permissions to groups
No duplication of access

Same permissions in different roles are detected and adjusted for each user

Add user to group
Easy user setup

The user just need to be added to the children role by the team leader and will receive all the permissions


Microsoft 365 access management

GitLab access management